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After Effects Tutorial - Simple Logo animation

Ok I have already uploaded my video tutorial on my logo animation. If you haven't seen my logo creation tutorial, you can see it on my previous blog post.

In this tutorials, I used a layered Photoshop instead of the Illustrator file I used to create my logo. It's more simple to use a Photoshop file for After Effects than Illustrator.

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  1. I've always wanted to have my own logo but I just don't know the right tool to use! I barely know how to use the photoshop, i know the basics but not the professional side of it!. Thank you for the tutorial though... i looks really simple from the video yet seems so complicated in the actual procedure

  2. Wow! That one was a good tutorial, After Effects can be really complicated to use. Too bad, we don't have a layered logo on Photoshop. We just have an Illustrator source file. The animation for Freelance Philippines look great. How I wish I have the time and the skill to do that. Maybe we can hire you in the future to do ours for our Youtube channel. -Me-An Clemente of


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