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Color Harmony and Color Guide

One of the most important aspect in designing is choice of colors. Most often newbie designers, and even the experienced ones, tend to use a lot of colors in designing. To the extent that their design become over crowded and so confusing because of lots of colors.

Color harmony a topic in Color theories that explains how colors relate to each other. If you know a bit of this Color Harmony Theory, you would know before hand, what colors to use for your graphic design.

In aid to help you apply the Color harmony, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has a feature called Color Guide. Also Adobe have a special website for this that you can use for any image processing software. You can access it at Adobe Color CC.

Here's a quick tutorial in how to use the Color Guide in Illustrator and Photoshop. Hope this will be helpful

How to know what to blog about

As a blogger, it often comes that I do not have an idea what to blog about. And I am really sure, you have times like those. Sometimes over ANALYSIS gives you PARALYSIS. We go blank on the times where we need to have a “viral” blog post, but nothing comes out, because of too much thinking of details, and how people would react.

I have researched about this and found out these important steps in creating your next blog post effectively and jump out of the writer’s block up ahead.

People asks questions, try to answer them 

The most effective starting point is to solve someone’s problem.  I’ll give this a personal example for this.
I had this message from my blog follower.  And it just gave me an Idea on what to write about next time.

Most probably, more people may be asking the same questions. But as of now, just by reading this, you know you have a necessity or a demand. If you answer this one question, most probably you have an answer to others who have the same question.  Blog about this, so that whenever you get the same question, just lead them to that post to answer them. This is something to be considered. This question might be “very important” to the one asking. That’s why if you value this, it can change a life. Seriously.

Other places to go where you can’t find questions are Quora and Yahoo answers. If you need to have a new blog post. Just go to these sites and never go out of ideas.

Stick to your niche

Ok, so you have lots of questions. But most of them would be non-sense, believe me. One thing to do, so you will know what question to answer is to ask yourself, “is this within your niche?”

If you don’t know what a niche is, it is simply a specific topic you are you choose to blog about. If you are targeting a group of people of same interests, you are simple creating a niche market.

This is my example. My interests are blogging, graphic design and freelancing. I chose these topics, simply because I am passionate about them. I can spend all day researching about these topics and learn from them. 

If I encounter people asking about these topics. I can just simply share the information I researched to help them solve their problem.  It can be about one topic, or all of these. We all have interests, and most often we have one or two interests in common. Share your knowledge to other people having the same question you had about a topic of same interest.

Write it as if telling a story

Don’t write as if you are an expert. Just tell a story. It’s not bad sharing an information you researched. Just write it as if you are telling a story to a friend. Chances are, you are not an expert in this field, so why pretend as an expert. Write it in your own words, and according to your experience. A more detailed story can include dates, places your actions and reactions. You can start by saying, “I found out about this”, “I watch a documentary about this”, “I saw an infographic about”, “I am following a blog about this”, “I tested this and found out that”. This just simply tells your direct experience about the information, and makes it more genuine and interesting.

I have read about this, that information tells facts, but stories sell. It has been practiced in marketing and advertising, try to apply it.

Learn as you write

Chances are, you are not an expert on your “newly found” information. It’s ok, you don’t have to. As long as your information is true and useful, you can just write it in your own words and put a link to the website or blog where you found that information.

The internet is about sharing. Learn as you search and share it as you confirm it. If you have carefully studied something about a topic, it’s worth sharing. You can ask your readers to react about it if it is wrong. You may have opposition, but in the end, you will still learn in the process.

Just be yourself

People are often shy about themselves and try to sound like other people. Just be yourself. Show your flaws. Show who you are.  Your most valuable asset is being YOU.

I have read about this that, diamonds are so precious because they are rare. Just to think how RARE you are? No exact person in the world is like you. So why bother to be someone else. Just be you. Develop a writing style of your own. It’s like a diamond.

Do people spend money in your niche?

Now that you have a topic, and you know how to blog about it. Next thing to know are the opportunities. Let’s be true, we are blogging ultimately to earn money, right? But, it’s the least of the priorities.

One thing to know is, are your audience actually spending money for the topics you are blogging about? Is this a good business opportunity?

One thing to examine is who are your audience or readers? If you are writing about dogs. Are there people actually buying dogs or anything that relates to dogs, may be a product or service?

As for my niche? Are people interested or practicing blogging, graphic design and freelancing spending money to get what they want? This is a broad topic and requires more studies and research.  It really depends on your desired topic. Try to find out who are the spenders, what do they buy and how they buy. Look for opportunities.

You can do this after you have a well written blog post. You can always update and revise. Again, this is not a priority. Your goal as a blogger is to create a useful and informative content.

Recommend, don’t sell

Now that you have a well-crafted blog post and researched on earning opportunities. You can have income thru, recommendation. People tend to hard sell products or services just to make a sale. This is not effective at all. Just ask yourself, would you want to buy from a hard seller? If you say yes, most probably there’s not many like you.

People buy mostly because of a friend’s recommendation. And friends are mostly people who have the same interests like you. Don’t let your friendship suffer because of your hard selling. If you are blogging, your readers are your friends, and they are more important. Keep this relationship. You can offer products or services by just simply recommendation. Let them decide.

There lots of products to offer, can either be from affiliate sites, Amazon e-books, Adsense or other PPC products and online services. Try to find out where and when to recommend this on your blog. Again you can do this after you have written an informative and valuable blog post.

In a Nutshell

These are just few of the things we must keep in mind. Especially if we are running out of creative ideas and topics to blog about. There’s a way to get out of that writer’s block. You don’t have to force yourself, let others force you to write.

To sum up all of this, blogging is all about solving problems. Many times that I experienced, and I’m sure you experienced this too, that when I am googling to find some answer to a question I have or a topic I want to learn about, most of the time I find it in a blog. This made me realize so many things that I have composed this blog post and I REALLY hope this have been helpful for you.
How about you? What is your opinion about this? Just share it in the comments and it will be greatly appreciated!

El Presidente featured in Freelancer Philippines

I can't help but to admire this Fan-Made Anime created by Davao Nikkel Jin Anime Club and Bisaya Ball Community..

As an anime fan too, this is something that gives me a sense of pride. Not only because it features my favorite President of the Philippines, but it also showcases the versatility of the Filipino Animators.

It's a well-known fact, that many of the popular Anime's are drawn by Filipino Animators.

TOEI Animation themselves outsources their in between animation to the Filipino artists according to this article.

According to this report, 80% of the Animation production of the most popular anime's (like Dragon ball, Slam Dunk and One Piece) are outsourced to the Philippines.

The Philippines is this 3rd in the world in animation outsourcing according to Animation Council of the Philippines.

Freelancer Philippines - Philippines 3rd in Animation outsourcing

This is something to be proud of as a Filipino, because our talents are recognized world wide in this field. But a bit of sigh, that though we have this much talent, we still yet to have our own anime series. Until now, the Philippines has not yet established an ALL Filipino Animation series. Our talents only helps in producing Japan's Anime creations, but we still don't have our own creation.

Seeing this Rody Duterte Anime gives a bit of spark that Filipinos can actually create our very own Anime. Still hoping to see that day, that the Philippines based company will launch our own brand of animation to be recognized world-wide. It's one way of preserving our country's culture and nationalism.

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer

UPDATE: Sept 11, 2016, 2:32PM

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer - Facebook Insights

I just made an experiment on how to get more traffic from Social Media. I have read some info's that INFORGRAPHICS really perform well in social media. It is one of the most Liked and Shared content in most of the social media platforms.

I have researched a one very UNOTICED topics in the graphic design  niche is Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer. This is one of the misinformation within the graphic design world, from artists and designers and even among well known and big design agencies.

So I've come up with this infographic.

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer
Upon posting this on my Fan page and in two graphic designers/artists groups. I instantly got random likes on the thread and also on my Fan Page. Even as early as 3:00am in the morning, the Likes just keep on coming, the whole day, even until this moment that I am writing this blog post.

I didn't really expected that this will gather so much attention. As I have observed in the comments of in the group, some are offended, they noticed the hair styles, and most of them are not really aware of the topic and probably was enlightened in a way. I really do know that this is an uncommon information, that even those who are practicing Graphic artists and designers don't even know, but I never realized that it would get so much attention like it did.

So what the difference between graphic artist vs graphic designer?

I don't want to talk out what is my opinion but I will site some references from more reliable and more experienced professional in the field. | Graphic artist vs graphic designer | by Shelby Veccuio
The main difference between a graphic designer or graphic artist is the importance of the imagery within the work. A graphic designer’s main intention is to facilitate content, and a graphic artist’s main intention is to facilitate an idea or story. They both involve visuals and can be in various forms of media, and both are essential because they facilitate different needs in the visual realm. | Graphic artist vs graphic designer | by Scott Morgan
The main difference between them, other than the purpose of the image, is that while artists may or may not have the final image mapped out ahead of time, graphic designers plan everything, from the font and placement of letters to color theory.

6 important ways that design differs from art | by Will Gibbons
What's the difference between art and design? This is a rudimentary question that often gets overlooked by those who are familiar with the two occupations and their distinctions.

Like this blog post? Please share and leave a comment about what your opinion regarding Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer.

If you are a Filipino, a Blogger, a Graphic Designer and a Freelancer, I invite you to join our group just click on the banner below and join our community of bloggers. Thank you and good day!
Freelance Graphic Design Blog Commenting exchange

Ok I have already uploaded my video tutorial on my logo animation. If you haven't seen my logo creation tutorial, you can see it on my previous blog post.

In this tutorials, I used a layered Photoshop instead of the Illustrator file I used to create my logo. It's more simple to use a Photoshop file for After Effects than Illustrator.

Why you should have a blog as a freelancer?

I have been blogging ever since 2005 or should I say, “attempted” to blog. I remember I read this “bootcamp” site to start blogging in blogger and start Adsense for monetization. It was so simple then, I got approved in Adsense within a week by just writing 5 articles, with 300 words. If I can remember it well, I used an already existing article and just rephrased some of the sentence. So I started blogging, and search a lot of ways to earn money online and put it on that blog. And to cut the story short. My Adsense account was TERMINATED because of all those shit. And now as much as may want. Google refuses to reinstate my Adsense account.
I have earned a lot thru freelancing and online jobs. Though most of my works are fixed price or project based. The income is not that steady. I had some gigs in oDesk (now known as Upwork) and But these sites had major changes as the competition among freelancers grew, and they have a lot of fees, that chops your supposed to be income, that went to a lot of bargain from the clients.

So to cut the story short, I become less active on online freelancing and have some gigs at the outside world. Though I still have some small gigs online, and constantly learning the ropes of the trend. How do I maximize my earning online through both of these world? Blogging and Freelancing. Here are some of the things I have carefully thought about and eventually decided why I build this blog which you are reading now. And also, I have included some things that we can do to achieve success in blogging and boosting our presence as a freelancer. More details on these on the latter part of this article.

Multiple sources of income

Though it may be tempting to try every earning opportunity online, it is advisable to focus on a few. Trust me on this, not because I’m not an expert, but because I am a failure. If you want to build reputation online, stay away from those Paid to click, Investments and Auto-surf. You may earn some in there, but it will be just in a short time. Especially, when you are working on a website or blog, your reputation in the internet will fall, and just like me, you will be banned in other opportunities that you should have privilege on.

Some other source of income may not be confined on online opportunities. Since you have an established online presence. It can go through some more opportunities.  Your blog or website can be a showcase for your skills and talents that your clients need at the same time a platform where you can build a following, for more income opportunities like promotions and endorsements.

You have your own identity on the web far from your competition

If you stay only on the social media platform, you still cannot express yourself and jump out the trend with your own identity. Standing out among the rest is very important if you want to have less competition and really show your uniqueness and special qualities. Having your own website or your own blog, is like having a house where you keep your visitors warm and cozy. When your visitor is here, he or she will be far from the thought of your competitor and more focused on you. This is your excellent time to build rapport and pitch your services and product. This is not confined with you and your clients, but also customers who trust you and would love buy products from you.

The Clients will contact you instead you driving through a long list of competitors

If you have set your website or blog well, this will eventually make your potential clients or customers your value. If you are a freelancer, you can pitch your skills and services well passively. That is, all they have to do is scan your site, look for what you can do, and find your contact and send you an email for inquiry. This has been my case in this early stage of building my blog. I just started this for only 1 month, and still I don’t have the results I want. But I do have benefits I don’t have back then without my own blog.

Here are some examples of unsolicited inquiries from potential clients:

You get most of the social marketing and search engine

Promoting your service as a freelancer on social media can be tiresome, because of the task of keeping up on the trend. You will easily be left behind if you don’t update constantly. But, in a way, it can be beneficial, since it is a direct communication with your potential clients. If you archive all useful and informative facts in your blog, you can easily share it again. But more to that, if your blog has sharing buttons, your followers can share it also if you find your article useful. This would double your results without exerting more effort.

After all these, if you have a healthy and engaging blog. It will eventually be discovered by search engines. It’s really hard to gain authority for search engines, and speeding up the process or cheating it could hurt you more than starting small.

So how can we help each other?

Don’t blog for robots! Blog for real people!

As I have realized, a REAL reader and a blog follower is more important than thousands for robots crawling to your site. Simply because, robots can’t pay you money, and can never help you grow as a person. Socialization is still better. But why not take advantage of these two. Socializing can give you active income (no work no pay) and search engine authority can give you passive income (no work, more pay).
Exchanging knowledge with other people can help you in a lot of ways. Sometimes, the benefits are more valuable than money.

When like-minded people gather together, opportunities are endless

This is my stats for my one-month blog. Although the views and followers are very little to none, but I have gathered a total of 81 comments.

And not just spam comments. They are really juicy comments from real people.

From these comments, you can learn a lot already. It can also really add up to your blog authority. And it will not be considered “cheating” by the search engines and save you from penalization.

This may have a small effect on search engine and would give little to now income from direct sales, but it will give you a boost of morale because of the useful comments from like-minded people.  As I have stated and I cannot stress it enough: “A real reader or a follower of your blog is more important than thousands of robots crawling”. Better to have them around as you work your authority in the search engines.

Google's eyes are slowly rolling to Social Media

Google is continually changing algorithm, and it slowly favors blogs and websites that are engaging in the social media platforms. And it greatly favors its own, to name a few are YouTube and Google plus. If you are doing well in these social media, most likely Google search engine will favor your site more.

And come to think about it, it is really a long process to rank in search engines. The link building I’ve done for the last month is, undoubtedly, not yet really that effective. If I can recall, I have already done more than a hundred comment links. But as I check on my SEO profiler, it registers only 22 backlinks, 95.5% of them are No-Follow links and link influence is only 2%. This is but normal for small and starting blogs, the effect usually shows on 3rd month to 6th month if all efforts are exerted to maximum.

It is quite a good decision to build your following first in social media, and let your search engine authority work itself naturally. Which is, actually really wants, NATURAL ENGAGEMENT FROM REAL PEOPLE. Plus, while doing this, as I have stated, you can earn more clients while building your site for the Passive income that you want in the future.

If you are thinking the way I am thinking, let’s do this thing together

All these was done because I joined a group in Facebook called “Bloggers Worldwide: Exchange Comments & Guest Posting”. It’s really a great idea, and reading other blogs gave me a lot more idea. But one thing is missing.

We are from different “niches”.

Blog commenting with blogs of same niches are very important for authority. It really is unnatural for men to following and commenting on a woman topics, like makeups, beauty products etc. On the other hand, comment links on closely related niches or interests, gives you a boost that you are a legitimate commenter and gives you a point for your authority. Google is very sensitive in link connections and who knows, they might again change algorithm to penalize unnatural blog commenting for link building.
I invite you to join my group and let us help each other build each other reputation on the web. This will not only help us build strong links, but it is another way of connecting with each other, sharing thoughts and the same interests. More possible opportunities for both the Social media platforms and search engines.

If you are in, just visit this group and join. We’ll see you there!

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